Lead Qualification, Modernized.

Engage your leads faster with our revolutionary omni-channel sales platform
and experienced calling reps.

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The ultimate platform for scaling lead qualification

Convert More Leads

Turn your leads into sales opportunities with better lead qualification and timely engagement.

Better Data using Technology

Understand deeper information about your sales calls and cadences by using conversion signals.

Always Optimizing

Our data scientists are constantly tracking your campaign’s metrics and running tests to optimize for conversions.

Happier salespeople

Make sure your sales reps are focused on closing deals, not cold-calling and getting hung up on.

Massive Savings

Scale up your sales outreach without the cost of infrastructure, management layers, and other overhead.

scale on demand
Scale On Demand

Ramp your campaigns up and down 100% on demand, no matter the season.

How it Works

We drive better ROI for your sales team in 3 steps

1. Define your outreach campaign

We ask a lot of questions to understand the nuances of your business and sales processes. Our success team closely examines your scripts, your leads, and your outreach systems. Then, we replicate your sales process using Squad’s dynamic workflow builder and configure your custom tailored campaign designed to deliver results.

2. We reach out + send you hot leads

Squad reaches out to your leads using our high-quality network of distributed caller reps that were trained and drilled on your scripts. Our outreach workflows also incorporate omni-channel outreach methods like SMS, email, and IVR calls. We get in touch to qualify your leads, then transfer leads to your sales team when they are hot so they can close more deals.

3. We optimize for conversions

Our team of campaign analysts and data scientists track several conversion signals to optimize your campaign performance to maximize the number of warm transfers and appointments we send you.

Feature Packed to Drive Better Conversions

With our powerful outreach engine, local caller reps, and a team of conversion experts,
you have everything you need under one roof to scale up your sales efforts.

Customized campaigns

Our workflow builder and logic engine can replicate even the most complex outreach campaigns in minutes.

Omni-channel Outreach

Reach your leads at the right time and through the right channel – whether Calls, SMS, Email, or IVR.

Dynamic scripts

Create multiple conversational paths to A/B test personalized and flexible sales scripts for dynamic lead engagement.

High quality, local callers

We recruit high-quality local callers that pass our tough on-boarding and training processes specific to each campaign.

Data driven optimization

Machine learning uncovers actionable campaign insights through speech recognition, pattern detection, and natural language processing.

In-depth campaign analytics

Work with expert data scientists to get an in-depth view on the performance of your sales campaigns.

Fully Integrated with Your Sales Workflow

Easily integrate with your CRM, Forms, Email, Calendar, Chat tools, Ads, and much more.

SquadVoice works across industries

Custom sales campaigns that suit your niche

Life Insurance

We help life, health, home, and auto insurance companies qualify their leads to keep their agents focused on closing deals.


Respond to your mortgage inquiries quickly to turn your short-form leads into sales-ready customers.

Real Estate

Reply to your fresh and aged real estate leads to qualify them and set-up appointments to view properties.

Debt Consolidation

Get more appointments by qualifying your debt consolidation leads and placing warm transfers with your sales team.

Higher Education

We take over reaching out and qualifying your Higher Education leads so that your admissions reps can focus on onboarding highly interested prospective students.


Engage and qualify your solar leads to make sure they are interested and suitable customers in order to increase sales for your reps.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Our team works tirelessly to deliver you the best of results.


To have a fresh listing of properties on our platform, we needed to validate all the listings daily. With the help of SquadVoice's hybrid calling model, we were able to do this in less than 4 hours every day. Also, they go an extra mile to support your business needs.

AVP - Operations


To keep our default rates under check we have to run effective payment reminder campaigns. As our business grew, this was getting really cumbersome because scaling in-house calling at the same rate was not feasible. SquadVOICE has been helping us out in running these campaigns at scale ever since.

Director - Product Operations

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Better Qualification. Better Follow-ups. Better Conversions.

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