Free CRM Analysis Report

Understand the potential of your lead database, the lead outreach processes that are working well, and those that need fixing, with rich analytics from SquadVoice's data scientists.

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What You'll find in the Report

Lead Outreach Effectiveness

Your team’s performance on New Leads over the last 3 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, and 3-4 weeks, and months going forward across

• Various stages

• Their overall connectivity as the weeks go by

• How many leads weren’t called

• How leads are flowing into hot stages and your pipeline velocity, etc.

Old Lead FollowUp and Engagement

See the old leads that visited your site last month, across various stages, across various lead ages, and how many weren’t called to get a sense of the effectiveness of your follow up strategies.

Agent and Source Performance

See which Agents and Sources account for the hot leads, the cold leads, who’s hoarding too many leads, and who should get more, sources that are getting fewer calls than others, agents that are making fewer calls than others, and so on.


This data is already inside your CRM but most native dashboards don’t display it this way. We’ve discovered that this ‘View’ is quite helpful in making decisions related to your Database’s value and process gaps.

We need an account on the CRM with Admin and Export Access. Admin Access allows us to see all the leads across agents, and Export Access helps us pull out some ‘Summary’ tables that help us create these reports. You can give us one of your existing logins or create a new one for us – either works for us.

Our team would be happy to give you a walkthrough of the numbers. If we feel that the gaps in your process can be addressed with SquadVoice, we’ll show you how. If your systems are running well, we’ll tell you as much. This is where you decide if you want work with SquadVoice.

Getting Started

We just need access to your CRM, which we’ll give back as soon as the Report is ready.

However, before you share any information, we sign a Non Disclosure Agreement with you, because protecting your data is most important.