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What is a Qualified Lead?

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All Plans Include

  • Free CRM Evaluation report
  • Free Setup and Priority support
  • Rich Dashboards for measuring ROI and performance
  • Realtime CRM integrations for Notes, Call Recordings, and tracking
  • Month-to-Month Contracts
  • Pro-rate refunds if you get fewer Qualified leads
  • Pay only after you get the first 5 Qualified leads
  • 100% US-Based ISA Callers with Real Estate Training


A lead that:

  • wants to transact (buy or sell) within the next six months.
  • isn’t committed to an agent.
  • and wants to talk to an agent.

We’ll ensure your agents speak with this lead either through a live transfer or a successful phone appointment. We only get paid when we send over qualified opportunities.

We understand how important your data is. We sign NDAs to ensure that your database is secure, and also have systems in place to limit visibility. Our value comes from data analysis, for which we need a certain level of access. We can share additional information over our demo call.

No need to worry! We’ll refund your credits or carry them over to the next month, at your discretion. You only pay for what you get.

We follow dynamic scripts and campaigns based on lead hotness, source, stage, and several such factors. Accordingly, we run campaigns across different timelines and channels depending on this information.

  • Our pricing is designed to give you a high ROI
  • Lets say your average home price is $300k. The price per qualified lead for you is $79.
  • You’ll break even with us if your agents convert 1 / 48, or 2.1% of qualified opportunities we send.
  • You’ll get 3x ROI with us if you close 1 / 16 qualified leads or 6.3%
  • Math here – Closing Price = $300k; Buyer Side 2.5% = $7.50k; 50% split = $3.75k; ~48 transfers = 48 x $79 = $3.75k spent with SquadVoice. Exact numbers depend on your market.

Ideally, yes. However, our strength is internet leads from Portals, Facebook, PPC, and your website, and even leads reactivated from remarketing.

All outreach details including call recordings, notes, and follow-ups are stored inside your CRM for your reviews.

If you feel we’ve incorrectly qualified a lead, we’ll take it back, and you don’t pay for it.

We work with most portal and non-portal leads in your CRM. As long as the leads were properly ‘opted-in’ to receive communication, we should be able to work them, subject to federal and state laws.

We don’t call each lead. Our algorithms prioritize leads and also suggest smart, dynamic cadences that include calls, texts, and emails.

Only trained, US-based ISAs make the calls.

We primarily need access to your CRM including APIs, an Account for us to track leads, etc. Unlike other ISA services that deploy brute force techniques, our value comes from analyzing data, so we need a certain level of access for it.

We can go-live in 2-3 days if we get all the information from you. Since we’re calling your old leads and need to ensure we correctly understand your CRM and business rules.

It totally depends on your internal conversion rates. Our pricing plans are designed to let you break even at lower conversion rates. Ideally, you should be converting 3-4 times higher than what you convert raw leads from the top of the funnel and it’s because these are highly qualified leads. While we try and ensure we send you the best quality leads and also track for compliance, if your team doesn’t follow up with the hot lead properly, there’s very little that we can do about that.